Tania Edith Pariona Tarqui is a young Quechua activist from the Ayacucho region of Peru who is on a mission to have her people’s rights recognized. In a time where the Quechua nation struggle to define what it means to be indigenous, 29 year old Tania rallies around communities to raise critical questions about indigenous identity and issues in Peru. Despite her young age, she already has extensive experience in human rights and indigenous rights. She is participates in a whole host of discussion panels, conferences and programs on indigenous rights and culture survival on local, regional and international levels, including the National Organization of Indigenous Women of Peru and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

In a society where indigenous people are openly ridiculed, discriminated and shamed, part of Tania’s advocacy work is to challenge the perception of others so that her people may live as equals and coexist in a globalized world without compromising who they truly are. This leader in her field believes that combining the voice of the youth with the knowledge of indigenous elders can help address issues and find solutions to ensure the continuity of their peoples. For city-dwelling Tania, balancing an urban lifestyle with her indigenous roots can be a challenge but she always strives to remain true to herself.
8 feb. 2016
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