Originating from the Chaco region of Paraguay, Taguide Picanerai is the director of an indigenous organization and Paraguay’s first Ayoreo to attend university. A direct descendant of the uncontacted Ayoreo who traditionally lived in dense forest stretching from Paraguay to Bolivia and Argentina, Taguide works with his father – chief of the Chaidi community - to prevent contact with the remaining uncontacted members. Based in the village of Chaidi, Taguide and his group represent the first line of defense for the forest-dwelling Ayoreo. His organization has three main objectives: to protect those living in the forest, to recuperate their Eami (territory), and to improve the lot of all Ayoreo communities in the area. His main duties include representing his people at different governmental levels, patrolling the area to prevent further intrusion or loss of land and keeping his people informed of matters for concern.

Taguide’s mission to preserve Ayoreo territory and protect his uncontacted relatives led him to seek formal education in the city, with the support of his community. His aim is to take his people’s story around the world to raise awareness about the struggle of Paraguay’s native communities. For Taguide and his father, thinking about their brothers in the woods gives them the strength to keep fighting for their people’s unique way of life. “This fight has no beginning or end,” says Taguide. “I will always be with my people.”
22 jun. 2015
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