They're putting at risk our water, the land and the future of indigenous people.
It crosses over 45 different First Nations territories.
1,177: The length of the Northern Gateway Pipeline, in kilometers.

More than 4,000 children died in Residential Schools.
150,000 children attended Residential Schools.

Maybe it's naïve to believe that we can change the world, but I think the only thing that is unreasonable about it is to believe that we can do so alone.
- Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Just one empowered youth is the starting mark of a revolution.
- Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Music is something that cannot be ignored by society.
- Ta’Kaiya Blaney

If you’ve watched the episode about Ta’Kaiya Blaney you will know doubt have heard her in Paris at COY11 (Conference of Youth), which took place days before COP21 last year.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference that took place between November 30 and December 12, 2015 was the 21st yearly session of the Conference of Parties (COP) to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the 11th session of the meeting of the parties to the 1997 Kyoto P...

The term Residential Schools refers to an extensive school system put in place by the Canadian Federal Government and administered by the Church. These schools had one main purpose: “To kill the Indian in the child”. This controversial school system,

The Indian Act is a Canadian statute that was first passed in 1876 and that governs how the Canadian state interacts with the First Nations of Canada and their members. The Indian Act has two main features: it a) says how Reserves and Bands can operate, and b) defines who is (and who is not) recognized as Indian. It is often considered to be controversial, and it has been said that it was introduced as a way to enforce Euro-Canadian standards of “civilization”.

There have been many amendments to...

The Sliammon Nation, also known as the Tla’amin First Nation, is a First Nations band government located on the Sunshine Coast of British Colombia. If you have watched episode 10 of, you will have no doubt heard Ta’Kaiya Blaney talking ab