Felix Atencio from the crew of during the production of the episode "running for a future" in Mexico with Raramuri elders

I'm a Cree elder from northern Canada (Quebec). In our language, we call our homeland Eeyou Istchee (our land). I was born and raised on the land and I stand for the protection and preservation of my homeland for the enjoyment of generations yet to come.

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2015 in Chulula,Puebla city, Mexico . 21 of Mars ,celebrating the light in the old pyramid of Chulula, with many shaman ,purification with smugling and with cristal

1012' in Guatemala, shaman at work in San Marco village , lake Attitlan,
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Running may have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years but it is by no means a new trend for Native Americans. Historically, Native American tribes used running for their survival, enjoyment and religion. As Hopi folklore would have it, ancestors

THE MEXICAN DRUG WAR: The peaceful Raramuri make easy prey for drug cartels

If you’ve watched the popular TV series Breaking Bad with crystal meth-making chemistry teacher Walter White, you are most likely aware that drug production and dealing acros

Have you ever managed to complete a 5 km or a 10 km race without stopping? That moment of victory when you cross the finish line makes for the ultimate feel-good factor, but imagine being able to run hundreds of kilometres without rest… in sandals! The Tarahumara, or as they call themselves, Raramuri, are a tribe of 50-70,000 Indigenous people who have inhabited the Sierra Madre mountains in north-western Mexico for 500 years. Their name comes from their ability to run extremely long distances across r...

The livelihood of the Raramuri is threatened by a terrible dry season that has brought misery to these remote communities. The deforestation of their territory is the number one cause of the crisis, since the wholesale cutting of timber has caused a loss

Ultramaratón Caballo Blanco, or The Whitehorse, was founded by American ultra-runner Micah True in 2003. After spending several months a year trail-running in Central America in the 80s and 90s, this sports enthusiast decided to organize a race for the R

Running is a way of life and a way of living together.
- Carlos

We define ourselves as active carers of nature and we must go from one point to another without harming it.
- Carlos

The Raramuri can run over 200 miles without rest, 5 min/km.
The Raramuri are no longer immune to becoming smugglers for wealthy drug barons.
60 000 people killed from 2006 to 2012 in Mexico's war drug.

Isolated by some of the most rugged terrain in the Americas, here is the story of a peaceful and humble tribe who are able to run hundreds of miles without rest: the Raramuri. The Copper Canyon in the Sierra Madres Mountains of Mexico is the home of Catalina Rascon and Miguel Lara, two young Raramuri Indians who are going places… fast!

14 year old Catalina is a rising star in ultra-trail running, a tradition integral to the Native Raramuri way of life. In 2013, young Catalina amazed the crowds wh...