Sisters in Spirit was originally a five-year initiative established by the Native Women’s Association of Canada to research and raise awareness about violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. Set up in 2005, the SIS research team gathered statistics on otherwise poorly recorded accounts of violence against Aboriginal women and logged it in their database. The team engaged communities and worked with service providers and the families of murdered and missing women to ensure their stories were well-documented. The aim of its work was to identify the root causes of this epidemic and move towards solutions. Since the SIS initiative began, the NWAC has published three reports to this end.

In 2010, however, the federal government chose to cut funding for the SIS, a decision met with outcry among Indigenous groups. Families of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, including heroine Bridget Tolley, responded by creating Families of Sisters in Spirit. Located on Algonquin territory in Ottawa, this grassroots, non-profit organization continues the work for justice for Indigenous women and girls in Canada. Its mission: to create and nurture an oppression-free, safe place where Aboriginal communities can unite to show love, support and solidarity for missing and murdered women and their families.
Jul 11, 2016
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