Bridget Tolley is an Algonquin woman and grandmother of five from the Kitigan Zibi reserve in Outaouais, a region of western Quebec. An outspoken and committed activist, Bridget co-founded Families of Sisters in Spirit, a grassroots movement to raise public awareness of the often-unacknowledged murder and disappearance of Indigenous women. She also plays an active role in other social causes, including First Nations education, housing and child welfare and police violence.

On October 5th 2001, Bridget’s life took a devastating turn when her mother, Gladys, was struck and killed by a Sureté du Quebec police cruiser as she crossed a two-lane highway near her home. A string of incidents of highly questionable official conduct followed. Bridget was shocked and horrified that the police attempted to pin the blame on her mother and denied requests for an independent investigation into her death. She accuses the police of racial profiling and negligence and has fought for accountability and recognition of her mother’s memory ever since. On her personal journey for justice, she unites with many other families who share similar stories and an ongoing quest for answers.
Jul 11, 2016
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