For Aboriginal peoples the drum is the heartbeat of the Creator, the heartbeat of life and the heartbeat of their peoples. Drumming is a central element to all native ceremonies; the drum is believed to be a conduit, through which the Creator’s spirit may enter, the drumbeats are said to call to the spirits and ancestors, inviting them to participate in ceremony.

Although it may seem like a simple musical instrument to you and I, for Aboriginal peoples it is a highly spiritual practice, bringing them closer to their Creator and demonstrating their honour and respect of their ancestors and culture. Playing the drum isn’t something you are just entitled to, you have to earn the right, and you have to be clean and sober.

Drumming is now taught in many schools, where the children learn the correct technique, the songs, and learn about respecting and protecting Mother Earth. Look out for the school children from Conne River drumming with Mike in episode 12 of to learn more about the meaning behind the songs.
Feb 8, 2016
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