The Sliammon Nation, also known as the Tla’amin First Nation, is a First Nations band government located on the Sunshine Coast of British Colombia. If you have watched episode 10 of, you will have no doubt heard Ta’Kaiya Blaney talking about the Sliammon Nation, as she is one of the 1,100 members who call it home.

The Sliammon Nation is just one of the many Indigenous Coast Salish tribes on the Pacific Northwest Coast with a history spanning over 4,000 years. Like most Indigenous tribes throughout Canada, the Tla’amin First Nation has suffered under the federal governance of Canada. The imposed sentiment of Euro-Canadian “civilization” that led to enforced Residential Schools all but wiped out traditional language and culture.

However, since the 1970s, the Sliammon Cultural Department and the community have been pushing to revive the Tla’amin language and culture, keeping ancient traditions alive. The language is now taught in schools, and scholars have worked to document over 4,000 words in online archives, which anyone can access. There’s still a long way to go to reach the 20,000 documented words needed to save a dying language, but they are well on the way.

The Sliammon Nation has also made strides with regards to politics, and with the Tla’amin Final Agreement (Treaty), became self-governed in April 2016.
Feb 8, 2016
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