Isolated by some of the most rugged terrain in the Americas, here is the story of a peaceful and humble tribe who are able to run hundreds of miles without rest: the Raramuri. The Copper Canyon in the Sierra Madres Mountains of Mexico is the home of Catalina Rascon and Miguel Lara, two young Raramuri Indians who are going places… fast!

14 year old Catalina is a rising star in ultra-trail running, a tradition integral to the Native Raramuri way of life. In 2013, young Catalina amazed the crowds when she finished her first race, the 63-kilometer Ultramarathon De Los Canones, in second place. She triumphed without fancy footwear or running apparel and stayed hydrated with oranges instead of expensive energy drinks. After finishing in the top 10 in a string of ultra running events, including the 80-kilometer Ultramaraton Caballo Blanco, she was named the Chihuahua Most Successful Woman of the Year and was awarded a full college scholarship.

Her uncle, Miguel Lara, is a well-known veteran of long distance running and arguably one of the top Raramuri runners. As well as winning the famed Ultramaraton Caballo Blanco on multiple occasions, he has travelled to the U.S. to compete in various prestigious events. This local champion is proud to represent his Indigenous people and says that encouraging others to run is what motivates him. As for the small yet agile Catalina, she says she began to compete to win prize money so that she could buy her school uniform and continue studying to become – in her words – an important person. Catalina and Miguel embrace the magic of running to help keep the tradition and spirituality of their tribe alive.
Jul 2, 2015
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