UNCONTACTED TRIBES: The most vulnerable people on earth

Uncontacted tribes are communities who have little to no contact with the outside world. According to FUNAI, there are 77 groups of uncontacted people who mostly live in the depths of the forest in South America, New Guinea and India. In the very rare event that they are encountered, the isolated groups make it clear that they want to be left alone. Regions currently inhabited by uncontacted tribes are under great threat from oil exploration and illegal logging. In addition, due to their lack of immunity to common diseases, it is dangerous for uncontacted tribes to come into contact with the Western world.

In June 2014, an isolated Indian tribe living near the Brazil-Peru border emerged from the Amazon to make voluntary contact with a nearby village following violent attacks on their community by illegal loggers and drug traffickers. After several visits to the village, all five men and two women caught the flu, a virus that has previously wiped out entire tribes. Due to disease and land theft by outsiders, the last remaining uncontacted tribes are at risk of extinction. If nothing is done about this problem, they might disappear entirely.
Jun 22, 2015
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