KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS: Promoting and maintaining Hawaiian culture

Kamehameha Schools is a group of 31 private schools with three main campuses located on the islands of O’ahu, Hawaii and Maui. Educating students from preschool through twelfth grade, Kamehameha Schools’ admissions policy favours applicants with Native Hawaiian ancestry. It was founded in 1887 by the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the last descendant of the Kamehameha line, who left her estate - about 9% of the total acreage of Hawaii...

When we heal our lands and our kalo flourishes, it will in turn heal us- Daniel Anthony

This act of just getting your hands in the dirt, of seeing your ancestors sustain you… this is what we fight for.

- Daniel Anthony

Your choice is the most powerful thing that you have and when you choose your indigenous roots, wherever you’re at on planet Earth, the ancestors will honour and support you.

- Daniel Anthony

Hawaiians Facts :On the island of Kauai, no building is allowed to be taller than a palm tree.24% of Hawaiians ar native or part-native.

THE HOKULEA VOYAGING CANOE: Sailing in the wake of the ancestors

Meaning “Star of Gladness” in Hawaiian, the Hokulea is a double-hulled sailing canoe that was built in 1975 to re-create historic voyages and preserve ancestral culture. Since there were no existing examples of ancient voyaging canoes, artist Herb Kane based the design on drawings from the time of Captain Cook and other early explorers of the Pacific. Launched by the Polynesian Voyaging Society, the full-scale replica has made a to...

Hawaiian fact:

74 land-owners control 95% of the land in Hawaii...
leaving little for the Native Hawaiians.

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