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Besides the fact that the equator runs right through it, how much do you actually know about Ecuador? Bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west, Ecuador has four distinct and contrasting regions. The

Meaning “high plain” in Spanish, the Altiplano is an area of inland drainage at almost 4,000 m above sea level in the central Andes that spans parts of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. It contains several cities, the largest lake in South America (

Guatemala – An ancient land with a tumultuous history
Officially the Republic of Guatemala, this Central-American country is bordered by Mexico to the north and the west, the Pacific Ocean to the south-west, Belize to the north-west, the Caribbean and Honduras to the east and El Salvador to the south-east. With a population of 15.8 million, it’s the most populous state in Central America, and also one of the youngest countries in the western hemisphere. Guatemala is known for its rich and distinct c...