ᐧᐄᐦᑎᐦ ᐋᔅᐱᔨᒡ ᒑᐧᑳᓐ
This is the story of a communications network and its efforts to bridge the communication gap of the Paez people, also known as the Nasa, who live in the southwestern highlands of Colombia.

Based in the rugged state of Cauca, the Tejido de Comunicación is a group of journalists, editors, video makers and coordinators who are recognized as the best alternative media source in the country. Their leitmotif: to give Indigenous peoples a voice and to inform communities about issues affecting them. They work with virtually no resources to produce radio, print, web and video and hold public video-forums and presentations. They are especially devoted to covering the Nasa people’s peaceful mobilization to recover their ancestral lands, an issue often ignored or misreported by the national mass media. For members of the Tejido, though, getting on with their day-to-day tasks against a backdrop of terror in the troubled Cauca state is risky business; some have been forced into exile, abused and even assassinated for doing their job.

Alex Bilordo, Constanza Cuetia and Gearo Trochez are three passionate reporters who are bravely building a communication network through many forms of media to inspire people to raise awareness, promote community resistance and construct the collective analysis of local events in a global context. Through the work of the Tejido de Comunicación, we will find out about the Paez people, their struggle for a peaceful existence and the right to land, and how mass communication is used to make indigenous matters heard.
Jul 11, 2016
ᔮᔨᑖ ᐲᐦᑎᑖᐲᐦ ᐧᐄᐦ ᒥᓯᓂᐦᐋᒥᓈ ᒑᐧᑳᓐ ᐲᐦᑎᑖᐲᐦ᙮