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Hoy se estreno en televisión nacional de señal colombia el programa de televisión de conectados sobre la comida de nativos de hawaii.
Sensacional volver a lo nuestro, defender la tradición y raíces es inspiración.

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i study how the idea that there is progress in history was first developed

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Sisters in Spirit was originally a five-year initiative established by the Native Women’s Association of Canada to research and raise awareness about violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. Set up in 2005, the SIS research team gathered s

An Indian reserve is an area of land set aside under the Indian Act for the use and benefit of First Nations peoples. There are over 3,000 Indian reserves across Canada, each governed by a band, a First Nations governing unit comprising of a chief and cou

The Highway of Tears is the name given to a tragic 720 km stretch of Highway 16 in northern British Columbia, Canada, where a string of killings and disappearances took place between 1969 and 2011. Police estimates of 19 victims are hotly disputed by Abor

The Indian Act is a Canadian statute that was first passed in 1876 and that governs how the Canadian state interacts with the First Nations of Canada and their members. The Indian Act has two main features: it a) says how Reserves and Bands can operate, and b) defines who is (and who is not) recognized as Indian. It is often considered to be controversial, and it has been said that it was introduced as a way to enforce Euro-Canadian standards of “civilization”.

There have been many amendments to...

The term Residential Schools refers to an extensive school system put in place by the Canadian Federal Government and administered by the Church. These schools had one main purpose: “To kill the Indian in the child”. This controversial school system,


When you listen to the forest you speak words of wisdom. When I listen to Eriberto it seems that I'm listening to the forest, the people, the streams, the animals, the water. He speaks with the soft voice of all of them in unison to d

If you showed up at a stranger’s house uninvited, you’d knock on the door to ask permission before entering, right? This allegory sums up nicely the basic human right known as FPIC: Free Prior and Informed Consent of Indigenous Peoples. It is one of t

The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) is an advisory body to the Economic and Social Council that provides a space for discussion and exchange of ideas regarding Indigenous issues. Economic and social development, culture, envir

On this thanksgiving, here is a creation from one of konnected.tv participant #kleebenally


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A poem to honor the Nasa people

A chronicle published by The Tribune, (Campbellton, N.B). about the different experiences in filming the series Konnected.

Photos: Konnected.Tv and local Nasa journalists filming the families that are now re-occupying their land and planting food for their families.These fields used to be sugar cane plantations used for fuel production. Land claims in Colombia is about liberating Mother Earth from exploitation, mining, agro-industry, etc. It's profound concept and puts Mother Earth first above all. Many people were/are being killed for the liberation of Mother Earth.

If you support Standing Rock Sioux struggle you may understand the struggles of Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Colombia's Peace process with guerrilla group, FARC, gains wide support But in 1996 a Nasa Indigenous community signed a peace treaty with them. They are not for left or right ideologies, they want to liberate Mother Earth

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In the Chaco region -where our brother Taguide and his Ayoreo family lives - cattle ranchers are occupying 2.8 million hectares of Indian land.

Logging in Ayoreo territory, including the non-contacted areas, continues despite Indigenous protest

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