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I am Jasmine Renner a global educator and practitioner specializing in global kids konnection.


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Any history or news about First Nations or other indigenous groups around the world is worth sharing, being informed is a weapon hard to defeat.

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THE NEW TRIBES MISSION: Forced contact results in disease and death

New Tribes Mission (NTM) is an international, evangelical Christian mission organization consisting of around 3,300 born-again believers spread over more than 20 countries. Set up by Paul Fleming in 1942, this Florida-based group has penetrated hundreds of Indian communities across the world in an attempt to “reach the lost” and convert them. The organization has been condemned as one of the key perpetrators of crimes against t...

Running may have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years but it is by no means a new trend for Native Americans. Historically, Native American tribes used running for their survival, enjoyment and religion. As Hopi folklore would have it, ancestors